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Wondering whether you should develop an app or a website? Choosing the right platform to start out your next new project is not always easy. Standing between the choice of making a responsive website or a mobile app has caused a lot of discussion over the years. Should we have both? What should we develop first? Can we afford an app? Keep in mind that an app should be a tool, solving a problem (being bored is also a problem, so entertainment is not excluded). Also, we really do not need more apps taking up valuable space on our phones if we don’t regularly use it. So, which is best for you? An app or a website? There are a few things you need to take into consideration such as your budget, target audience, and the purpose of your venture. Below we cover some steps that can make your decision process a little easier.

Will your users use your app on an everyday or weekly basis?

Everyone wants their product to be used as much as possible, right? If you are being realistic and still think your users would want to enter your app regularly, a sensible choice would be to develop an app. It’s quicker to access and will keep the users updated with notifications. Imagine if you would have to enter Facebook in the browser and log in every time you should check your updates? Would you use it as much? Probably not.

Do you have a tight budget?

An app costs more to develop than a website, but building a responsive website first gives you the option to test with your users how they use their mobile phones to interact with your product. This is a valuable way to find out if there are any key features you should implement in an app. Also, when developing an app, remember the two most important platforms, IOS and Android. To reach out to your target market, you probably need to create an app for both.

Is your idea/product complex?

If you have a very complex product in mind, why not try to use Google Analytics in the browser and then download the app. Which one would you rather use? Trying to use a complex platform on the web, where you edit, review reports and navigate can be a real nightmare. Having a dedicated native app will make the process a lot easier (if it’s well executed). Mobile apps should also be faster than a site in the browser, which will make the performance and therefore the user experience better. The reason for this is that mobile apps store data on the device, while the web page needs to download data from a server.

Do you need access to the native sensors, notifications or location on the phone?

Are you planning on developing a health app to track your steps, progress and where you go? Or developing the next hit game where everyone is walking or running around, like PokemonGo? Here it would probably be a good idea to make an app. Notifications and location are one of the features truly unique to the app platform, and it is smart to use the most of it.

Lastly, before deciding- remember to think to the future as well, what kind of features do you want to add further down the road? You do not want to be held back by the choice you made early in the process.

Now you should have enough info to answer this all-important question: website or app? Good luck!