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Age: 22

Nationality: French 

Education: Last year Master – Computer Science degree at INSA TOULOUSE

Fell into the tech industry of pure coincidence

Since I was very young, I have always loved math and science, but I actually wanted to make a career in biology. However, after having “introduction to programming” as a mandatory course in my quest to become a biologist, I was totally in love and quickly changed paths. I found out that it needs logic, but at the same time, you need to be creative in the way you resolve problems, which I think is a killer combo. Also, it’s really wide, which surprised me. I have a lot of opportunities! 


I needed to complete an internship for my studies, and since I love Norwegian nature, it was a natural choice for me to look at positions here in Oslo. In the field of computer science and more generally digital technologies, there’s a lot of possibilities. I guess you have to find the ones that interest you the most and go for it!

Working culture and nature

I was searching for a dynamic technological company, and Gture was the perfect fit!

The working culture here is quite different from what I am used to in France, where the hierarchy is quite present. In Norway, the workplace is based on trust, and we are all encouraged to grow and progress. We feel motivated and empowered!

I got the chance to work with people from various backgrounds and competences. In Gture you can find project leaders, designers, architects, in-house and developers from Asian countries like Bangladesh and that’s super cool to have such a diverse and multi-skilled team! 


As an avid kayaker and nature lover, I really enjoyed the flexibility of the workplace. During the week I would go climbing or skating after work, and during the weekends I would go kayaking or hiking. It was a perfect balance! And it allowed me to thrive professionally as well as personally.

Machine-learning and cross-platform app development

This summer, I got the opportunity to work on two great projects. It was a good combination of both learning new technologies and applying what I learned at school.

The first one was a machine-learning oriented research project aiming to understand the client (large multinational company) and their needs, and thus optimize the offer and pricing in the market. I used Python, and it’s wonderful libraries for this one! The second project was a cross-platform app development for an IoT product.


Technology has already changed businesses and allowed them to speed up processes, serve more people worldwide, improve product and services quality. But that’s just the beginning.  We now have the computational power and speed to gather and analyze huge amounts of data. The democratization of cloud computing, IoT and big data, will decouple the power of machine learning. That’s super exciting!