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Low code development

Low code development enables companies to develop fully customized applications, with continuous deployments and a true lean approach. With Appfarm, our partner low code platform, we can quickly build a working MVP of your business application or digital product, while keeping investment cost down and lay the foundation for further development based on learning and feedback from users.   

Why use low-code development?

With today’s changing environment, most people and businesses have witnessed a sudden digitalization of one’s work and personal behaviour. Customers and users are demanding good user experiences, and the high innovation speed of the marked urges businesses to be leaning forward in terms of process efficiency to maintain their competitive edge.

Low code development enables your company to promote iterative development of your next digital product or service while keeping up-front investment costs down. Utilizing pre-built components allows us to develop functionality at a much higher speed compared to traditional development. The product is based on modern web technologies that is always up to date – we make sure everything is up to date and secure, without the need for an involvement from your internal IT organisation.

We have used Appfarm for the product dPlan, which now are being used by the largest governmental property owner Statsbygg; read more here.



We assist you in defining a limited and well-defined scope for a POC. If required, we draw upon our design team to ensure a user-friendly application. Based on this, our goal is to build a working proof-of-concept within a couple of weeks, which you can use to verify the technical approach and test the application among selected friendly users.

We continue to work on the foundation laid in the POC. We aim to develop the least amount of functionality that is required for you to start using the application in production, so that you can start to derive value and learn what is working and what is not.

We continue to develop and improve the product based on your and the user’s feedback. The fast development cycles of the development platform, along with one-click deployments allows us to react quickly on change and improvement requests. At the same time, we take care of operations and maintenance to make sure that everything is up to date on the latest versions.

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