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User-Centric Design

User-Centric-Design – In Gture the design team helps businesses achieve their goals through exceptional user-driven design. By gathering valuable insights about the business, stakeholders, challenges, market, competitors and the end users, our design consultancy come up with the best solutions suited your needs. Our full-stack designers thrives with challenges, and work on a broad range of projects, from new business opportunities to redesign of existing services. Depending on your needs, we find the process best fit your goals.

By gathering insights from relevant resources, we will have a better base for being able to find the best solutions. This might include competitor analysis, coffee talks or interviews and reviewing the existing service.

We arrange different kinds of creative workshops, depending on where you are in the lifecycle of your product. Our favorite is the wireflow-workshop, where we together sketch up the flow through out your service, finds holes and opportunities, and come up with the best solutions.

UX design
Solving human problems through user-centered design, with focus on functionality and the core flow.

Who are your end-users, and what would you like them to think or feel when they see/use your product or website? We deliver brand design and strategy.

UI Design
Pixel perfect, beautiful interface. Make it fun, intuitive and appealing to use your product.

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