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Connecting dreamers with doers since 2014. Gture is a digital delivery company with a focus on software and design.
Our philosophy is to help people understand and use digital innovation to improve their own businesses.

Inclusive business model


Gture is an organization with a local and global network of software development partners, service designers within fields such as UX-/UI-/Interaction design and Web/ Mobile/App development. We drive entrepreneurial processes from idea to results through agile and cross-functional team management to leverage local project management with global software delivery capabilities. 

CEO and Co-founder of Gture Rolv-Erik Spilling having a meeting with Gture employee
A picture of Gture's global partner network.
Networking with the best

Global Business Environment

Working in a globally distributed environment provides an untapped opportunity. Gture is striving to perfect the best agile practices for distributed teams. Within both design, business intelligence and IT-development, we have found the best partner companies to help you realize your digital product.

Our partners recruit the best people in the business and make sure everyone involved in our project has high competence and a passion for doing business. By combining our local resources here in the Nordics with the cost-efficient and high-quality development teams from Asia, we can ensure great value for your business.  

Inclusive business model


Driving shared value is core to all Gture business practices to support a sustainable global environment. When finding our business partners, we only choose best practice companies that are the flagship in their countries, driving sustainable growth and ethical business practices.

We have an inclusive business model, involving companies in emerging market countries as a core in our value chain. We strive for this model to flourish through our work methodology, global relationships and having strict ethical policies in the countries of operation as well as making sure our partner companies are always up-skilling employees and giving them equal opportunities.

Further, We are proud to work with NGO’s and foundations, such as the Business For Peace Foundation, building and maintaining their websites to encourage business leaders and organizations to be business-worthy and follow the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Make the pledge on today!

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Two possible Gture employees standing on a sea of Ice
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Meet the team

A portrait of Gture's Senior project manager Janagan

Janagan Balasingham

Senior Project Manager

Portrait of design lead Line Andorsen

Line Andorsen

Design Lead

Portrait of Gture's senior project manager Henrik Tveit

Henrik Tveit

Senior Project Manager

Portrait of Gture's project manager Rikke Nordbotten

Rikke Nordbotten

Project Manager

Portrait of Gture's senior architect Ottar Henanger

Ottar Henanger

Senior Architect

Portrait of Gture Designer Anne Petra Østli

Anne Petra Østli


Portrait of Gture's senior project manager Marius fekene

Marius Fekene

Senior Project Manager

Claire Gaigeot

Claire Gaigeot

Tech Specialist

Portrait of Project Manager Nilanka Haupenge

Nilanka Haupege

Project Manager

Portrait of project manager Thea Gravdal

Thea Gravdal

Project Manager

Portrait of Project Manager Andreas Gravermoen

Andreas Gravermoen

Project Manager

Portrait of Project Manager GDPR Marthe Annweiler

Marthe Annweiler

Project Manager GDPR

Lea Gaigeot

Léa Gaigeot


Portrait of senior project manager Håkon Jacobsen

Håkon Jacobsen

Senior Project Manager

Fredrikke Schjøtt-Rivers

Fredrikke Schjøtt-Rivers


Portrait of Project manager and architect Jonathan Trapnes

Jonathan Trapnes

Project Manager & Architect

Marianne Reine

Marianne Reine

Project Manager

Svein Hansen

Svein Hansen

Senior Project Manager

Sondre Røisehagen


Portrait of COO and Co-Founder Rolv-Erik Spilling

Rolv-Erik Spilling

COO & Co-Founder

Portrait of CEO and Co-Founder Stein Erik Moe

Stein Erik Moe

CEO & Co-Founder