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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the act of configuring your website to rank high on search engines, such as Google, DuckDuckGo, and Bing. Many of your potential clients use search engines to gather information about the product they are looking for. Our goal is to present your company as one of the top providers in the market. Gture gives your company a clear competitive advantage by rigging your site to gain a top position on search engines. Through our global network model, we can provide your company with a thorough analysis of your current site, with a cost-efficient and quality-driven alternative.

We increase traffic to your website, and drive brand awareness through:


SEO – Increase your organic search rank
Organic search ranking referrers to how well your website scores on Google search ranking criteria, without the help of paid advertisement. Gture’s SEO-audit looks at the code and configuration of your website. By optimizing your website for search engines, you increase your company’s visibility on search engines like Google, but also reduce the potential advertisement cost needed to be ranked among the top in searches. Also, the SEO audit gives clear suggestions on how to improve your site’s within areas such as content, UX-design and more.

Digital advertisement – boost your ranking and re-market to your costumers
We make sure your marketing campaigns hit your targeted audience. With digital advertisement, you can target highly specific segments and re-market custom advertisement based on behaviour. Together with SEO, these activities spark a curiosity around your product, and ensures that your company stays in a top-of-mind position within your key demographic. With digital advertisement, your platform also expands from traditional media sites to SoMe-channels, search engines and professional platforms such as LinkedIn.



Kick-off and Audit
Together, we begin the process with a kick-off meeting to understand your business and determine how to reach your customers. From this point, we start extracting the relevant information to rig your campaign and start auditing your website for SEO-improvements.

When you sited has been reviewed by our SEO team, we create an implementation roadmap for the upcoming months. In a parallel process, we begin implementing the advertisement campaigns on various platforms and sites.

Continuous improvement
We make sure your activities are continuously monitored and updated for maximum effect. We measure reach, impact and customer-interaction to make the necessary changes to optimize your campaign.

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