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"Strengthen implementation resources and renew global partnerships for sustainable development."

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Business for peace

The mission of Business for Peace is to support, inspire, and recognise global business leaders who are positively changing the face of business.

What are they doing?

The mission of Business for Peace is to support, inspire, and recognise global business leaders who are positively changing the face of business.

The vision of Business for Peace is that all business leaders have as their purpose to improve society. This requires being businessworthy – ethically and responsibly, creating value for both business and society. Business for Peace devised the term businessworthy as a valuation to describe value-driven business behaviour. To be businessworthy is to apply one’s business energy ethically and responsibly with the purpose of creating social as well as economic value.

How are we helping them?

To help attract more sustainable businessworthy leaders, we have helped build Business for Peace’s website. Business for Peace’s website hosts a lot of important information, as well as inspiring real-life stories from many leaders of the businessworthy community. Our job is to design and build a site that presents this information in a user-friendly matter, as well as use technology that let the site run smoothly.

We have also developed the nominating tool for electing the Oslo Business for Peace AwardHonourees. The tool facilitates for a global nomination process before an independent committee of Nobel Prize winners in Peace and in Economics select their honourees.

Business for peace
What is the impact?

By encouraging professionals to take the businessworthy pledge, you create role models of society and peers. A businessworthy leader acts as a role model to the general public and the business community by showing how to achieve long term success by focusing on societal benefit. Another measure of being businessworthy is having earned recognition and appreciation as a businessleader by stakeholders in the communities within which the business is developed and cultivated over time.

As a businessworthy leader, you stand out as an advocate of sustainable practices and values.Businessworthy leaders are outspoken advocates for the importance of ethical and responsible business, seeking to solve problems that create value for both business and society.

In Gture, we are proud to work with Business for Peace who encourage peace, justice and strong institutions.

Check out our other projects!

Gture is proud to have taken the businessworthy pledge. Through our projects, we will contribute to reaching the United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals.

We are currently in a fantastic time in terms of groundbreaking innovations, and we do our best to support projects that make the world a better place for people and wildlife. We are eager to meet people and projects that take social responsibility and do their best to promote a sustainable way of life.

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